A few words from our clients…

Like most people, I was very apprehensive about the decision to go through with microblading. I had so many questions, and while Cara Delavingne can totally rock the full brow, I am a commoner not prone to high fashion. That said, the North Cincy team put me at ease outlining the exact look I was going for- a little fuller than my over-plucked brows from my highschool days in the late 90s. I love my brows now! I have trusted them with my hair for the better part of the decade, and now I can trust them for my brows, too.
– Leigh Ann

North Cincy team worked miracles for me with their Microblading skills. For years I have struggled with very thin eyebrows that weren’t sitting in the right place even. They basically created a whole new brow for me and I could not be happier with the results. They look very natural yet make me feel so amazing and even look like I had an eye lift! My eyes are more open, my face is more defined and I finally feel beautiful again!!! Another plus is that their retreat is a beautiful cozy space and they make you feel comfortable and welcome. Best thing I have done for myself in years!
– Holly

I knew before having my brows done, that the North Cincy team would do excellent job. They have an incredible eye for detail and design and is just a “bit” OCD. These qualities make for a fabulous hair stylist and brow artist.


Over the course of many years, I have over-plucked my eyebrows to oblivion, and they never grew back in well. Sparse and weirdly-shaped, I have done my best creating the illusion of eyebrows with a pencil. God forbid I have a crazy morning or go swimming – because sporting my “real” brows was always a bit hard on my self esteem.


All that has changed! We discussed shape, color, intensity and everything involved prior to the actual “blading” part. The procedure was not painless but they made sure I was comfortable. In a little over two hours I had a perfect set of brows. The team is quite good at getting the shape and alignment just right. No mis-alignments or unmatched brows – these were a set of sisters for sure. The lines look like eyebrow hairs, the color is a match to my existing eyebrows, and the cost is minimal considering they will last for up to three years!


The healing part was quite easy for me. Not much to it. I just followed the little guide they gave me. Now – after almost three weeks – I believe my brows are pretty set. They look… like time rewound and I have natural brows that are perfectly shaped. Every day I wake up – and bam – I already have eyebrows exactly the way they should be. I still have to maintain the little wild hairs of my natural brows, but that is expected. Quite possibly the best beauty procedure I have done (this and Botox ha!). Hello again eyebrows – I missed you.

– Theresa

I love my new brows! Most of all, the outcome is gorgeous. I was a bit tentative with the process but the North Cincy team talked to me through what they was going to do, how it would feel, and best of all listened to my feedback on design, color, etc. They are informative, thorough in the process, and an expert with color and gentle touch! I love that they listened to me as well as provided expert recommendations to produce the best outcome. I’m so glad I did it!
– Sydni

I am in love with my eyebrow makeover! The North Cincy team did an amazing job of explaining the process and making sure I was comfortable every step of the way. I look like I had eye lift. The eyebrows completely transformed the way my eyes look. I love waking up in the morning and not looking so washed out. I highly recommend them for microblading.
– Erin

The atmosphere and staff at North Cincy Microblading are amazing. As a natural blond I have never had very visible brows, but after microblading they are defined and a beautiful feature. I get compliments on them all the time!
– Lori

I have always been pretty happy with the shape of my eyebrows but knew there were things I’d like to change if I could. North Cincy team really made me feel super comfortable about the entire process.


From the very beginning to the very end, even throughout my healing process. They explained everything perfectly; from the way it will feel to the way my brows would look. I felt very confident leaving my brows in. The salon was very inviting and the treatment room also made me feel very confident. Everything was very organized and clean. I felt very relaxed and welcomed. I am so in love with my new brows and had no idea the difference it would make. Thank you for the whole staff for being so wonderful! If you’ve ever thought about doing this or you’re new to the micro blading world. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

– Jen

The first thing I have to say is that I LOVE North Cincy. No matter what services they are providing, they create such a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable environment. Their room is so cozy and inviting and their Mani’s and Pedi’s are the best around!!!


Now on to micro blading. I have always been one that shy’s away from darker, bold brows. My brows are lighter and not very thick so I was a little apprehensive at first to try this service. I can’t believe what a difference my new and Improved brows make! They walked me through every step of the process while we created the perfect brows for me. They are true professional! With a service that creates such a long lasting result, would you want anything different?

– Stacey

I LOVE my eyebrows! Before they performed microblading, I was self-conscious of my eyebrows and rarely ever wore my hair sleeked back. My eyebrows were a complete disaster. They were over plucked and one was always higher than the other. They were able to balance and fill them in. They look amazing and make me feel more confident.


At first I was nervous about the procedure. I never had a tattoo so I didn’t know what to expect. They did a great job explaining the process and what to expect. They are flexible and very patient through the entire process. They always follows up with me to make sure they haven’t faded and that I am happy. I can’t thank the whole crew of North Cincy enough for the life changing experience!
– Amanda

My microblading experience at North Cincy was so great that I felt compelled to write a review- which I rarely do. I will start by saying, what a wonderful space this is! It is so welcoming, adorable, and clean! They are extremely nice and professional. They listened to exactly what I wanted and helped me work through the design details I wasn’t quite sure about. The process was exactly how they described it would be and they were very good at talking me through each step as it was happening. My experience was fantastic and I am so in love with my new brows!
– Nicole

I recently had my eyebrows microbladed at Retreat Skin and Nails at Stacey Becker Salon. My brows look amazing and they made the entire process easy, exciting and fun. The salon is adorable and cozy and I was completely comfortable. I’ve done my initial treatment and my follow up. I’m so excited to have perfect brows! They are amazing through my eyebrow journey. They made sure that I had exactly what I wanted and talked me though every step to ensure I was happy. I highly recommend the microblading service. I wish I had done this sooner!
– Mandey

To say that I am happy does not describe my brow journey enough! I had my touch up yesterday and I am sooo happy! They are magicians! I can’t believe I was walking around with that thing I called an eyebrow my whole life! Lol! Call North Cincy, you will NOT be disappointed!

– Holly