The North Cincy Salon & Spa Mission

A beautiful, modern, unpretentious salon and spa located in downtown Maineville, OH.
Providing northern Cincinnati with current, top-quality services in the realm of beauty and wellness.

To provide each client with a welcoming atmosphere.  A judgement-free spot to relax and renew.  Confidence in knowing that they will receive the highest of quality services and products.  An experience to look forward to and happily recommend to family and friends.


To grow and maintain a thriving local business in order to contribute to the growth of our neighborhood, as well as offering a top quality salon and spa experience in an area where this service is lacking.  The intention of drawing clientele from all areas of Northern Cincinnati which will be welcomed in our small community.  The dedication to positively impact our small town, our larger city surrounding us, and our industry as a whole.


To provide each team member of North Cincy Salon and Spa with a stress-free environment in which to work and grow.  The freedom to achieve goals and manage their own consistent, profitable business in a creative setting.  The benefit of being supported and inspired by those along side them while remaining in complete control of one’s own business and success.


To provide the opportunity for Stacey Becker to lead a team of highly talented and driven individuals with a culture of integrity, honesty, and respect.  To create a platform for each person’s highly successful individual businesses as well as a thriving “mother company”.  To embrace change and growth while maintaining stability in every aspect of the salon and spa.  To work together to ensure the success of each other, each team member, and North Cincy Salon and Spa as a whole.