Jackie Miller

Jackie Miller

Salon Owner, Certified Microblading Artist & Licensed Semi-Permanent Tattoo Artist

An esthetician of 15 years, Certified Microblading Artist and Designer and Licensed Semi-Permanent Tattoo Artist. My career path has been filled with many opportunities to learn about healthy skin care for all ages and stages. I have performed countless facial treatments and love to educate my clients on the importance of keeping our skin happy through simple and natural practices. Stumbling into the world of Microblading has been a great blessing for me. Though I’ve been reshaping clients brows for years, there was only so much we could do to achieve even, symmetrical eyebrows once the hair follicles were no longer producing natural hairs. Microblading has changed all of that! With this service, I can now achieve full, refined, maintenance-free eyebrows for my clients. It is so rewarding to watch as a client looks in the mirror at the end of our session to see their eyebrows transformed into the brows they once had or have always wanted. This offering is truly a gift to the beauty industry and I am so proud to bring it to North Cincy Microblading!

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